The Village Green Dental Cubs vs. Sox Rivalry

village green dental Team

A beautiful day for a Village Green Dental team building event!

A team who plays together stays together – and that’s just what we do at Village Green Dental. Even when we disagree, we have fun doing it … like on Sunday September 23rd for our quarterly teambuilding event at the final game of the Cubs vs. Sox City Series!

Our day started the same way all rivalries do – with a little good-natured ribbing between those dressed in black & white vs. those in red & blue. Under breezy skies, we all piled into our party bus to head up to Guaranteed Rate Field to watch the final game of the series. After a spectacular lunch where the rivalry continued, we were all excited to take our seats. 39,000 fans in competing team colors sat side by side to cheer on their favorite. The Village Green Dental team was no different – different interests and team loyalties – but one common goal … to cheer on our team to victory!

What a day!

Rizzo’s double RBI, Schwarber’s 444-foot home run, and Henricks 13th win on the mound made what would already have been an incredible day out with our team even better … for some of us. For the others, well, there were a few rounds of “we’re still building…”

It was the last regular season road game for the Cubs and though we watched with anticipation hoping they would go all the way, we’ll just have to wait until next year to start it all again. In the meantime, we’ll all band around our part of Chicago – because all rivalry aside, we all love Chicagoland the people who live here.