Don’t Be Embarrassed – Your Dentist in Aurora IL Understands

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We can help you with a variety of concerns, conveniently in Aurora IL

If you’re embarrassed about your teeth or oral health, it can have a big impact on your life that goes far beyond hiding your smile. In my own private practice, I have seen it all and have helped people who wouldn’t eat in public because of loose teeth due to advanced gum disease. I’ve seen people with severe decay that are too embarrassed for too long to get help, even though they were in daily pain. It could be bad breath that mints don’t mask, missing teeth, or a crooked smile that bother you personally. And if it does … please don’t be embarrassed to call us. Our only concern is that you are out of pain, healthy, and have the smile you want for yourself. 

Here are a few of the options we offer that can help you gain a healthy confident smile…

Periodontal Treatment:

Your gum health is the foundation of your smile, and if you have gum disease your teeth will suffer – they may even eventually fall out entirely. We can help treat your gum disease and if tooth loss is already a concern, replace missing teeth with crown & bridge treatment, partial dentures, dentures, or implants. 

Same-day Dental Implants:

Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic concern. While you may be able to adjust how you eat because of missing teeth, your jawbone needs tooth roots to keep it healthy. Dental implants replace your tooth roots to keep your jawbone healthy and help avoid the aged appearance that comes with jawbone loss. 

Tooth Colored Restorations:

Gone are the days of metal fillings that show every time you laugh. Today I can match filling material to the color of your teeth, so you and I will be the only ones who know that tooth was so badly decayed to begin with.

Invisalign® & ClearSmile®:

Once used only for cosmetic teeth straightening, Invisalign can now help with a much larger variety of crooked teeth concerns. And if you want just your front 6 – 8 teeth straightened we offer ClearSmile! Having straighter teeth doesn’t have to mean wearing traditional band & bracket braces. 


Whether your existing dentures are slippy & clicky or you are due for a new set, we can help you experience good fitting dentures that feel good, look good, and let you eat the foods you want. Plus, using implants, we can anchor your dentures, so you won’t worry about them ever slipping again.

And did you know that as a dentist in Aurora IL, I can also treat sleep apnea? Also nothing to be embarrassed about, a small custom-fitted oral appliance that you wear at night can have you and your partner sleeping soundly in no time.

If you’re living with an oral health concern – even if it’s not listed here – please give us a call. Our kind and compassionate team will never judge you or your situation. We just want you healthy with a good set of teeth that supports your health and keeps you out of pain.

Yours in dental – and overall – health,
Dr. Jason Monroe & your Village Green Dental Center team,
General Family Dentists serving Aurora & Naperville, IL