Children’s Care Is One Of The Many Services We Offer

Parents want to do what’s best for their children. As a dentist in Aurora, we know just how big of a role dentistry plays in our youth’s overall health and development. That’s why we’re proud to take care of so many emerging smiles in our neighborhood.

Our approach to children’s dentistry

Our entire team is trained to work with kids, and because we are, we will speak to them in a way that makes them comfortable and alleviates their fear. We also want to make it a fun experience for them, bringing our enthusiasm and good vibes to each appointment.

By bringing your child in for regular appointments, we can intercept any problems early on and keep your child’s smile healthy from the time they are a baby to adulthood.

Here are a few ways we’ll give your child a stand-out experience:

  1. Warm welcome. When young patients show up, we take the time necessary to help them feel at home. We’ll chat with them in a friendly tone as we ask a few questions and allow them to ask anything they want of us. We know how stressful a first visit can be—and we’re here to take that pressure off.
  2. Easy exams. One of our hygienists will guide your child into a chair. From there, they’ll say, “open wide” and look at gums, teeth, and all soft tissue. Any concerns will be noted, and a doctor will take another look.
  3. We’ll show your child how to properly take care of their smile when they’re at home. Forming good hygiene habits early on is essential and positively impacts their smile for years to come.
  4. If we diagnose any dental issues, we’ll have a conversation with you and your child—together.
  5. Wrap up. We’ll make sure your child feels good about self-care and visiting the dentist, two things that are vital for a future full of bright smiles.

Interesting in finding out about specific treatments your dentist in Aurora provides? Please review our services page or give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Children’s Dental Care Is Within Reach At Village Green Dental

  • Friendly, warm team
  • We’re trained to work with kids
  • Complete smile care for kids of all ages
  • Transparency about all dental options
  • Parents & guardians are included.

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