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Village Green Dental is your dental implant provider in Aurora, IL. Our dentists and team want patients to have replacement teeth that are as close as possible to natural teeth, which is why we offer these permanent restorations. With implants, your new smile will feel and function as your own real teeth.
Implant Dental Services: Placement and Restoration

Dental implants utilize substitute tooth roots, which replace the portion of teeth hidden below the gum line. Dentures and partials do not offer this unique benefit. This prosthetic root, which looks like a small screw, is placed into bone to act as a support system for dental prosthetics, whether you’re looking to have a single tooth replaced, or most of your natural teeth are missing.

Our dental team provides full implant treatment in one location; our patients don’t have to visit outside specialists for complex steps in their procedure. Our Aurora implant dentists perform the following implant services:


Preparing for Implants - If you have been told by a previous dental office that you don’t quality for implants, our dentists can help. Our implant treatments include bone grafting and sinus lifts to ensure treatment success and support improved bone health.

Implant Placement - Our team surgically places any number of implant posts you need.

Implant Restoration: Single or Multiple Implant Teeth - Village Green Dental creates custom-made restorations to seamlessly replace any number of missing teeth in your smile.

Because they are surgically placed, dental implants are comfortable and provide long-lasting results.  With our comprehensive approach to implant dentistry, you can achieve the smile you want.

Guided Implant Surgery and Same-Day Implant Restorations

CEREC technology available at our office obtains a precise picture of oral structures so your procedure can be planned with the utmost accuracy. This process is called guided implant treatment. CEREC creates a template that allows our dentists to surgically embed dental implants in precisely the right location for lasting stability and comfort. With 3D implant surgery in Aurora, patients experience efficient and minimally invasive treatment.

This technology also reduces waiting time for permanent, implant-supported crowns and bridges. Village Green Dental doesn’t have to send impressions to a dental lab for fabrication; we mill your new teeth in-house. In the event of an emergency, where one or several teeth are lost, we surgically repair and restore your smile in the most expedient way possible. Our dentists pair lasting dental implants with custom, all-ceramic prosthesis to replace any teeth that are missing from your smile.
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With the innovative dentistry and modern implant treatments, patients with missing teeth don’t have to struggle with the setbacks and inefficiency of removable teeth replacements. To learn more about how our dental team can help you achieve a functional and attractive smile with dental implants, contact our office today.