Sleep Apnea Dentist Near Me?

Sleep-Apnea - village green dental

Yes, a small sleep apnea dental appliance made at our nearby office can help.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that involves the actual cessation of breathing throughout the night. These involuntary pauses in breathing can occur twenty to sixty or more times per hour. When this happens to you or your partner, it can be accompanied by gasping or choking sensations that awaken one or both of you.

When you think of sleep apnea treatment, you may immediately think of one of those cumbersome machines with a breathing tube and mask that makes you want to claim parentage to every Luke you can find. It’s a treatment your primary care physician may prescribe after a sleep apnea diagnosis. It’s probably not something you’d think to go to your dentist about – in fact, it may never occur to you to type sleep apnea dentist near me into a search bar. But if you have – congratulations – you’ve found the right place! There is a small comfortable dental appliance we can make for you that you wear at night!

If you’re thinking, ‘oh it’s just a bit of snoring’ and your sleeping partner disagrees, you may want to know these facts:

• The CDC reports that up to 6,000 fatal crashes a year are caused by drowsy driving.

• Sleep apnea contributes to an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, memory problems, or premature death.

• Alzheimer’s Disease and early onset dementia are co-morbidities with sleep apnea.

Do you experience...

• disturbed sleep

• early morning headache

• loud snoring

• cessation of breathing while sleeping

• difficulty concentrating

• depression or irritability

• learning and memory difficulties

• falling asleep while at work, on the phone, or while driving?

A custom-fitted dental appliance is…

• convenient – we can fabricate one for you in only one visit

• small and light – so it’s comfortable while you sleep

• portable – the appliance fits in your pocket

• non-surgical – there’s no risk or downtime associated with any surgery.

Let us work with you and your healthcare team to keep you happy and healthy – and both you and your partner sleeping soundly at night.